Friday, September 3, 2010

War Poem

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A Scarred Soul

And as the bullets graze my skin,
I look around to see my kin.
My brothers in our freedom fight,
We’d train at dawn and rest at night.

The food’s no good, the pay is worse
I don’t do this to fill my purse.
I fight for you, and fight for we.
I fight so you and I stay free.

When I am done and come back here,
We will have won and had no fear.
We’ll raise a glass in victory
To US, from sea to shining sea.

There isn’t much to make us smile…
But the sun will rise in a while.
Though now we listen for the shells,
we’re almost done with darkened hells.

Someday, we’ll find our way back home
No longer, we’ll be forced to roam
And we’ll come back, no more to clash,
Our souls will come back from the ash.

It feels like stones against my heart
when they say killing is an art.

-A. Armetta, 2010


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