Monday, March 1, 2010

A Friendly Game of Blindfolded Musical Chairs.

At the Cast party for our school play, which was "A Time For Madness" (in which I was Fergus Tweed) we decided that we should play blindfolded musical chairs. It's like regular musical chairs but scarier because you can't see and if you play with the wrong people, you get touched in bad places. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE D:<) During the course of the game (which sounded much like a mass murder being carried out in a remote cornfield) the number of contestants was gradually narrowed down to Myself, Sammi, and Zach. I didn't know this because I couldn't see. Anyhow, people were poking and groping and trying to unseat me. I resorted to flailing my arms wildly. Well, it worked. Then I stood up when the music came back on. ... And then I got touched again. This agitated me to the point that I (literally) blindly threw a punch. Not expecting to hit anything, of course, what with me being nonviolent for the most part.
I hit Zach in the face. Of course I didn't know it then. But anyhow, I apologized. I think he might still be mad though. Or he might just hate me. But then again, he hates everyone, so at least I'm not being singled out or anything. Meh.